Dowse Workshop at Makerfaire Barcelona

June 2017

Hands on Workshop in Makerfaire Barcelona!


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Dowse Dataprevention Event

December 2016

Meeting within the lounge to talk about dataprevention and dowse design between our local community.

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Things Con Amsterdam 2016

December 2016

Dowse workshop in the very active IoT ethical scene here in Amsterdam…

Dutch Design Week

October 2016

Dowse was exhibited at “Why does my refrigerator know my birthday?” during the 2016 Dutch Design Week. This exhibition highlighted the possibilities and the challenges that are created when IoT starts to enter your house. It showed the principles of responsible IoT design with speculative products.

Dutch design week website

Mozilla Festival

August 2016

One hour in which visitors of the Mozilla Festival learned what Dowse is and why we were building it, how they can get aboard with developing, marketing, and creating an IoT awareness around it. All in the context of creating Internet of Neighborhoods instead of ‘smart cities’.

Mozilla Session

Hackers and Designers Summer Academy

July 2016

During the Dowse workshop, participating designers and artists got introduced to the possibilties of reading traffic going in and out of devices connected to the Dowse network. They started writing the traffic into text files, detecting the device id’s and so forth, visualized and conceptualized the constant data leaking.

Hackers And Designer Workshop Page

Live Performers Meeting 2016

May 2016

LPM came to town and we have been part of it. Live Performers Meeting is the largest Europe’s gathering of digital performers, makers and users of digital visual manipulation for VJ, Motion Mapping, Live Cinema and Live Coding. We have set up our Dowse wide area LAN and allowed people to play with the OSC feed of data the LAN was providing. A lot of knowledge and good fun.

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January 2016

Transmediale saw the enlarged group of Dowse project enthusiasts to get down in Berlin for the annual event. Necessary events were aoff-the cloud session and a hands-on session followed by a presentation in the workshop space.

The invitation and the program

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Dowse preview in Amsterdam

November 2015

Meeting up with our extended community in Amsterdam in the new premises of the office in the harbour.

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September 2015

We met very informally Olivier Boireau, from Design-Shift, the creator of ORWL in the CCC camp this summer. We spoke about ideas and have seen his beautiful project, [ORWL]: the attempt to build and deliver a secure computer by design. We met again in Amsterdam to receive one of the first prototypes of [ORWL] to run Dowse upon. It worked 🙂 We are going to present it around together with Dowse as one of the leads on the change of IoT security design in the future


August 2015

Unforgivable “get together” for the EU community of hackers and fieddlers, the CCC camp has been the start of our trip into Dowse development. Many stories emerged during the 8 hours drive, in an old bus, from Amsterdam to somewere north of Berlin, where the camp was taking place. And many stories on the way back…


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